Experimenting With the Camera


One of the great things about digital photography is you can click away without having to count the dollars every time you press the shutter. Back in the days of film, you got 12, 24 or 36 exposures for whatever the price of a roll of film was. I just checked, you can get 10 rolls of 36 exposure, 35 mm Kodak 200 color film for $32.99, or about $.10 per shot. Then there was the cost of developing. Plus, you couldn’t look at what you’d just done to make adjustments. It probably made for better pictures because you had to give some thought to the composition, camera settings, and all that before you shot, but it didn’t lend itself to experimentation.

With digital, you can do lots of fun stuff. If it turns out, great; if not, there’s the delete button on the camera or onscreen. Here are some experiments I’ve tried.

This first set is from a full moon, natural light shoot I did a couple of years ago. I didn’t have a fast lens, so the models had to hold their poses for up to 20 seconds to get the proper exposure. BTW, long exposure is why you never saw anyone smile in the old (1800s) photos: they couldn’t hold a smile long enough for a proper exposure.

This ghostly image was caused by a car that drove by during the shot

She enjoyed holding the pose. Him, not so sure.

One other thing you can play around with is the shutter speed to get blur or more ghosts.

If you look closely you can barely see the ghost walking through the picture

And digital cameras make street photography easier. Because you aren’t worried about wasting a $.10 exposure, you can snap away at any angle, which makes for some interesting shots.

Lastly (for now) you can take pictures of all sorts of weird stuff that makes people scratch their heads.

So have fun. Play around. It’s really quite relaxing.

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