Tour of Utah


The Larry Miller Tour of Utah came through Cache Valley and ended with five laps around a roughly three-mile circuit in North Logan. Laps 1-3 were somewhat leisurely, but by Lap 4 things got serious because the end of Lap 5 was the finish. Just before the peloton came by my vantage point for Lap 4, two serious photographers showed up. One of them was hired by the Tour. The other works for Getty Images, a huge, worldwide photographic agency. I asked him where he was last week and where he would be next week. He said last week he was home but that was because he’d spent five weeks in France for the Tour de France. Next week he was covering NASCAR. At first blush it sounded like a great job but then I thought…… not so much if you have a family and this guy was wearing a wedding ring. They shot for maybe 90 seconds then packed up to head to the finish line.

A different kind of biker. She wasn’t in the race.

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